American Driving Academy of the Hudson Valley

ADA-Detail-driverNew York Driving Courses Teaching Safe Driving Habits & Skills

The American Driving Academy is a New York State licensed Driving School. We offer the following driving courses, classes and packages:

Mission Statement

The American Driving Academy, Inc. (ADA) provides professional, courteous Driver Training to new drivers of all ages and ensures a safe, friendly and stress-free learning environment.

American Driving Academy History

In 1986 our family started the American Motorcycle Driving School, Inc (AMDS) in Stormville, New York. Presently, AMDS, Inc., is successfully running and offering the CKS KickSTART Motorcycle Training Series. In 1997 Christine E (Marafioti) Firehock decided to expand the family business to incorporate Auto Driving Training. She began her journey of research and College studies to build an extensive knowledge of both in-car and lecture material.

In 2001 Christine opened The American Driving Academy, Inc. offering private in-car lessons and contracting with the local Colleges to offer Driver Education. ADA is certified to offer: 5 hour Courses, NYS DDC PIRP Benefits, and Graduated Licensing Benefits to minors via Driver Education.

Driver Education Graduates may receive their Senior Driving Privileges one year earlier than their peers (age 17), and be eligible for Insurance Discounts. In the 16 sessions students learn the value of safe driving habits in the classroom and safe driving skills behind the wheel.

CKS KickSTART Learn to Ride a Motorcycle!

KickSTART MTS continues to promote and improve the education, service and availability of safe and enjoyable riding habits to new riders everywhere. Whether you’re a new rider just starting out or a seasoned pro looking to take it up a notch, KickSTART MTS will give you the skills and education you need and want to learn. For more information visit